What does it take to create conscious love?

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This is a community formed for the purpose to bring together men and women in the awareness of Conscious in Love. The reason it’s important is because Conscious Love allows us to feel more joy, intimacy and connection. The problem we have is that nobody ever TOLD us what it means to be Conscious in Love. And nobody ever TAUGHT us what it takes to truly connect and communicate. We want to help you become AWARE and CONSCIOUS of what it takes to build a communication that makes your relationship hot and thriving. It's time to get a new perspective on how we can be in understanding approaching relationships. As a member of ConsciousLoveTribe, you will learn what it takes to create relationships that are fun, hot and orgasmic. As a member you get, access to the following services filled with love and much more...

Ignite Meetings

In this context you learn the feelings of intimacy, connection and the power of truthful communication.

Hot Seat Coaching Calls

Every month you access a group coaching call where you can get into the hot seat and be coached by Maria, your Relationship & Sexuality Mentor.

Expert Interviews

Access interviews with experts in the area of love, relationship and sexuality. We bring their knowledge and wisdom to you. And you don’t even need to leave the comfort and convenience of your home.

Orgasmic Teaching

It’s an Art form to cultivate pleasure. As human beings we are more comfortable with being in pain, since there is where we usually spend our time. We teach the latest research in the area of understanding your greatest pleasure – orgasm.


All relationships starts with YOU loving yourself!
Touch and smell your inner worth and awaken more love in your life.

Learn how flirting and sexual energy are the key components for attracting love and abundance. Learn the Art of Communication. What does it take to truly connect with another human being? And what does it take to stay connected? What can this connection mean to your relationships? To your life? To your business? Learn how the Art of Flirting is a SKILL as well the secret to creating a life of joy, intimacy and happiness. Everything you attract to your life is a mirror of you. Engage in a daily structure of communication supported by weekly tele-calls that will raise your bar of consciousness. Self-reflexion is the key to know yourself. Knowing yourself brings power to your relationships. Knowing yourself is an expression of Self-Love!

  • Communication

    Can you communicate your desires, even in bed? What does it take to have an authentic communication? Can you stay in communication even when it feels difficult?

  • Gratitude

    In what way are you appreciative of yourself and others? Do you have a daily structure where you can practice gratitude?

  • orgasmic relations

    In what situations are you checking out from yourself? Do you easily get off balance? During sex, can you get out of your head?

  • Consciousness

    Learn about the relationship between consciousness and love. What do you need in order to bring the love you are looking for in to your life?

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