Your Essence

We all have an essence. What does it mean?

In fact, most people are not connected to their essence. Your essence is an indication of you. It knows your desires. It follows your desires. My essence is to bring out the leader in YOU. It comes through your OWNING of your SEXUAL POWER.

Scary? Yes it is. But not if you already are owning your sexual power. The power within you comes from being connected to your sex.

Therefore you have to find and be connected to your sexual desires.

Finding your sex is like bringing out your essence. Women needs to find their feminine essence and men needs to find their masculine essence. This comes from healing the masculine and feminine within.

We have to be ready to embrace and play with the polarities AND of course as a result also our shadows. Polarities is how we see the world: white and black, light and dark, yin and yang, masculinity and femininity.

It’s not about one being better than the others, instead it’s about the power of embracing the polarities that brings you in a balance where you find the third entity. That might be embracing the power from your essence?

Join our tribe and explore what it means to be able to feel and explore your essence.