Love Language – The Key To How Money and Love Is Connected

Did you know that there are 5 different ways of expressing love? Understanding your love language and the love language of your partner can be highly critical if you like to cultivate love and nourish your relationships.

Knowledge about the love language is also the key to understand why and how money and love is connected. You see, successful sales comes through successful communication… And successful communication comes from your ability to truly connect with another person. When you are ready to truly connect, you are in fact open to love. When you feel loved by a seller it’s so much more fun to buy, right?

In our increasingly virtual world, we are about losing our ability for truthful communication that creates trust and connection. The more skilled you are in communication, the easier it will be to connect. Learning the 5 love languages based on Gary Chapman’s book on the same name is therefore a skill to learn.  You might recognise yourself more or less in one of them. A conscious communicator can handle them all with ease and flow:

Receiving Gifts – Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner constantly was bringing your gifts… chocolates, flowers… and other things? If this is important to you as a way of expressing love, then you will expect that people who love you treat you in the same way. If you have a partner who are in for another love language, you might to have to teach them how you like to be gifted. .. Simple because this is a token that will make you feel loved and cared for.

Physical Touch – Ever experienced a relationship where your partner wanted to touch you the whole time? This is another form of love expression. If this is the key to your love, you want to be able to feel and touch your partner. The feeling of connection comes from the physical touch. You are expressing your love through touch.

Acts of Service – Some people come into our lives because they just want to be of service. They are willing to drive you, carry your bags, pick you up at the airport, take your trash out…whatever it is that will make you feel happy. This is the people that express love through the acts of service. It’s wonderful to have them around since they just want to make sure that you are happy and that they can support you in this happyness.

Words of Affirmation – Some people might not be able to spend much time with you, but instead you will find long love letters of their appreciation of you. This is the way of expressing love through being affirmative to your loved ones.

Quality of Time –  Ever been in a relationship where your partner was working the whole time and you felt annoyed since there was no quality time to the both of you? For some people to be able to have quality of time with their loved ones is the most important way of expressing love. This mean if your loved one does not meet you in the effort to even be able to do the planning to make it happen, you will feel hurt and neglected. Just know that this is an expression that your loved one is in another channel than this one. You might find an abundance of gifts, but all you want is quality time…

As you see, understanding these 5 love languages can help you improve and boost your relationships to the next level. The purpose with Conscious Love is to build a community with men and women who likes to boost their relationship to the next level. If you like to join, click here.