Sugar Cravings: Linked to your sexuality

Do you have a craving for sugar and sweets? These sugar cravings actually have a link to your sexual energy.  When I started practicing orgasm, I discovered that my craving for sugar disappeared. Just like that, I suddenly noticed the craving was non-existent.

You can learn more about the link between sugar cravings and our sexual energy in this video. With orgasm it’s very easy to get rid of what you don’t need in your life. It’s now more than six years ago since I started to practice orgasm as a meditation. I’m learning that there is a difference between feeling empty and full. When you are empty you are craving for something that fills that emptiness. For instances food, alcohol, shopping or sugar.

In this video Dr. Sara Gottfried, Harward trained gynecologist speaks how orgasmic mediation and surrendered orgasm is a natural way to fill you up instead of using synthetic hormones.