Reclaim Your Sexual Power!

It’s time to find your sexual power. What if, I tell you – “Women that you are sitting on a volcano and you don’t know it!” What do you think? How does it feel?

Many years ago I was myself out of the experience of feeling my volcano. Followed by my education to a Slow Sex Coach and Advanced Orgasmic Meditation Trainer with Onetaste, I started to get a different understanding of the reality.

For more than 6 years now, I’ve been in the environment of this practice. For some people….in fact very many,  the practice may look peculiar and weird. It’s a meditation practice where another person is stroking you on a specific spot on the clitoris for 15 minutes… And YES there is also a practice for how to stroke a Man. However, it’s now more that six years that I’ve devoted my time, money and energy in order to do my own research in learning about the deepest source of pleasure for us human bodies – orgasm.

At the time when I was trained with Onetaste back in 2010-2011, I was among the first with this education who was living outside the United States. Today (jan 2017) orgasmic meditation is practiced all around the world, and with the virtual How to OM guide, the basics for how to actually do it, are now easily available to everyone.

During the time of my education, most of the students moved to San Francisco for being able to stay in a community of an everyday practice… and I was (and felt stuck) in Sweden. There was a phase where I devoted my time trying to facilitate the creation of a community in the Copenhagen/Malmö area of Scandinavia. Being on a far distance from an everyday practice, I’ve learned what it means to live in a place of scarcity (read lack of strokers) and then for periods coming to an environment where the practice was available in abundance. If we would summarise all the 15 minutes I’ve done during the years, I’ve probably fed my physical system with more than 500 hours of orgasm. It’s much more than the most of women get in their whole life.

Every time I came to the United States for a more intense period of research, I’ve been taking myself in my personal development to yet another level. It was likes shells was taking away from my body. Shells, I didn’t even know existed, since I didn’t have the physical understanding of how it feels between the landscape of turn-on and numbness.

Layer by layer, my onion was peeled. I know what’s available in the inner centre of my core. When you peel these layers off, you embrace your true essence. This is exactly the reason why I’m writing this while you are hesitating if it’s even appropriate. It’s in the essence you find your voice and power. I’ve not only experienced this for myself, I’v seen it happen over and over again with women and men that have taken the leap in the orgasmic meditation movement.

Moreover, as a result of my experience, my Academic Self took on an qualitative research. I wanted to learn more about the relationship between the conscious exploration of sexuality and it’s implication for leadership. I will speak more about that another time, what I can say is – it’s very clear that accessing your sex is how you find your voice and personal power!

If any of this seems intriguing and you like to learn more, The Tribe – Conscious Love might be for you. I’m all about you reclaiming your sexuality, finding your inner power and deepest desire. Come and join me!